Monday, September 7, 2009

Afternoon at BLORA.

Today we went for a "little drive" as mijo says it! We went on post to BLORA at Fort Hood. Planning a lil end of summer BBQ this weekend, of course before the USC and Ohio St game. It is finally cooling down here in Tejas, still humid but slightly cooler none the less. All I can say for tonight though is STEAK from Texas Roadhouse, mmmmm!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

MMMMM.......... Burgundy Beef Stew!

So after a very long day for both Mike and I this was a well earned dinner! Of course I had to be tortured with it's flavorful aroma for 6 hours while it cooked in the crockpot! It was AMAZING! Even earned me one of Mike's official "one for the team" tally mark on out invisible board.

Mikie called us today, He's having a great time spending time with his mom and grandparents, riding horses and feeding goats on the ranch. We're looking forward to him coming back next weekend. Mike and I both have the weekend off so we need to make some plans, maybe bowling or putt putt.....

Saturday, September 5, 2009

So, We're finally ready to take the plunge!

You do know a blog is a bigger commitment than the few we have already made this year, like ohh Getting married and the newest little commitment of having a baby! haha But After great inspiration and a little discussion we have finally arrived in this wonderful world of blogging! Ohhh we do plan on this being a joint effort so I’m sure we’ll figure out a way to let you know who is doing the blogging.......(This is Heather by the way)

And so we begin................

We are a family of 3.5....

*Mike is 35 and a kidney transplant coordinator at USC University Hospital in Los Angeles, California. Mike is also SSG in the US ARMY, and they needed his skills so bad they sent for him for a year! Got to love the army!!! Mike was born and raised in southern California. He joined the Army at the young age of 17 and left for basic just a month after graduation. After too many years away from home he finally returned only to get that call to leave again! haha well any way, some things Mike enjoys are - spending time with his family (yeah buddy, you better put that 1st), watching/playing sports, the beach, music and enjoying life and it’s challenges. He’s also a big ‘ol Mac geek, and loves his truck! And lets not forget shopping!

*Heather is 27 and a shift manager/barista at Starbucks (which I love!) and I am 11 weeks pregnant 12 weeks on Sunday!! I was born and Raised in Tacoma, Washington! Man it’s hard trying to come up with things to say about me, I’m so glad I’m only doing this once! I like spending time with my boys and my family when I get to go visit or I can talk someone into visiting us. I like watching all kinds of movies, cooking, listening to music. And that’s all I have to say about me for now!

*Mikie is our fun loving 4 year old. This guy has already lived in 4 states and does a whole heck of alot of traveling going back and forth and up and down to spend time with all his family, but he LOVES going on plane rides and road trips. We are so thankful he is such a good traveler. Mikie lives for movies, his latest obsession is Toy Story, he has many of the characters that he takes everywhere with him. He also loves swimming, riding his bike and skateboarding with his daddy.

*Baby Saenz is 11 weeks umm created!?!?! and this week is the size of a fig! And hobbies are making mommy sick and constantly tired also forcing mommy to buy new pants. This status I imagine will be updated most frequently!